14 Fantastic Signature Desserts in Los Angeles, 2018 Edition

Mille crêpe at Lady M

Los Angeles isn’t afraid of a little sugar

Los Angeles is filled to the brim with fantastic desserts, but some stand tall among the rest. These are the desserts that are so downright delicious they define a restaurant, the kind of special event food that even warrants its own visit to a place.

Whether it’s the perfect example of a chocolate souffle or the city’s best churros, here now are the mind-blowing signature desserts in Los Angeles for all the sweets fiends out there. So go ahead, order dessert first.

Added: Humphry Slocombe, Lady M, Best Girl

Removed: Sqirl, Sotto, Sichuan Impression, Sweet Lady Jane, A.O.C., Sycamore Kitchen, BS Taqueria, Trois Familia, Fishing With Dynamite, Pizzeria Mozza, Mastro’s

Source: LA Eater