Sit Around a Cauldron of Bubbling Broth at These Eight LA Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants

HaiDiLao Hotpot

It’s always a good time to dip meat and veggies into hot broth in LA

It’s been the wettest winter in recent memory, so gathering with friends and family around a boiling cauldron of broth seems like an ideal way to keep warm. The Chinese diaspora’s rich hot pot tradition varies from region to region, with broth seasonings and proteins flexing and bending to local tastes and ingredients. In the San Gabriel Valley, the unofficial hot pot epicenter of Los Angeles, there are highly specialized restaurants bringing everything from hand-made noodles to lamb-stuffed dumplings to the communal table, with extensive condiment bars for customized sauces. There’s never been a better time to pull up a seat, dial on the flame, and get cooking. Here now, eight essential Chinese-style hot pot restaurants to try in Los Angeles.

Source: LA Eater