The 10 Hottest Burgers to Try in LA Right Now, Fall 2018

Easy’s burger

So many burgers, so little time to eat them all

There is no denying the allure of the hamburger in Southern California. The ground beef and bun combination is steeped in Los Angeles-area tradition — heck, Pasadena claims to have invented the cheeseburger — and carries with it a populist appeal this city only otherwise reserves for tacos and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. In short: burgers are part of the fabric of the city.

That’s not to say folks haven’t been willing to innovate over the years. There are always new spins on classic combinations, using new ingredients or interesting presentations. The hamburger scene in Los Angeles is as evolving as ever, meaning there’s always room to try new places all over the city. Here now, the 10 freshest, newest burgers to try in Los Angeles, listed north to south.

Removed: Rappannock, Mee & Greet, Breva, Mikkeller, NoMad, Fundamental

Added: Cassell’s DTLA, Easy’s, Free Play, Monty’s Good Burger, Severance

Source: LA Eater