The 10 Hottest Burgers to Try in LA Right Now, Spring 2019

Honeybee Burger

The newest, juiciest places to get burgers in Los Angeles

Hamburgers may very well be the quintessential food of Southern California. The combination of ground beef and bun is so deeply entrenched in Los Angeles’ dining culture that there’s always a new creation to taste in and around the city. From the smash burgers at Love Hour and Burgers Never Say Die to the vegan contenders at Honeybee and Burgerlords, there’s much to celebrate in the city’s dynamic burger scene. Here now are the 10 newest hamburgers to try in Los Angeles.

Removed: Petit Trois Le Valley, Electric Owl, Severance, Easy’s, Monty’s Good Burger, Here’s Looking At You, fundamental DTLA, Cassell’s Hamburgers DTLA, HiHo Cheeseburger, Free Play

Added: Love Hour, Burgerlords Highland Park, Honeybee Burger, Five Leaves, The Restaurant at Arts District Firehouse Hotel, Buddy’s, Burgers Never Say Die, The Window at American Beauty, Goldburger, Mister O’s

Source: LA Eater