The 13 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles

Mister O’s

Restaurants and bars to enjoy LA’s best new drinks

There’s no better time to celebrate spring in LA than with a nicely crafted cocktail. Luckily for the denizens of Los Angeles, the city has a wealth of outstanding bars to imbibe and entertain. And since it’s hard for a lot of businesses to get standalone liquor licenses, many of LA’s best bars actually reside as a part or inside of restaurants. Whether in the mood for tiki drinks, daytime sippers, or a wealth of whiskey, here now, a guide to where to drink cocktails right this moment in the City of Angels.

Added: Ronan, Mister O’s, Guerrilla Tacos, The Mermaid

Removed: Clayton’s Public House, Rick’s, Genever

Source: LA Eater