The 16 Essential West LA Restaurants

Big Boi

For all 405-adjacent dining needs in Brentwood, Sawtelle, and Westwood

LA’s expansive landscape can be both a blessing and a curse. While its segmented neighborhoods allow for a great diversity of restaurants and vibrant fare, making long treks during peak dinner hours isn’t always a viable option. Enter Eater LA’s neighborhood guides, handy maps of essential restaurants grouped strictly by neighborhood boundaries.

West LA hasn’t always been considered the most vibrant dining neighborhood in the city. However, with thriving Japanese cuisine on Sawtelle, Persian stars in Westwood, and glitzy Brentwood newcomers offering some of the best pizza and steak in the city, there’s never been a better time to dine adjacent to the 405. Here now, the 16 essential West LA restaurants.

Removed: Tavern, Stan’s Donuts, Ramayani, Izakaya SaSaYa, Fundamental, Plan Check

Added: Killer Noodle, Shunji, Sichuan Impression, Big Boi, Nanbankan

Source: LA Eater