L.A. STYLE Media

L.A. STYLE Media is a revolutionary luxury advertising and experiential marketing firm. L.A.S.M. incorporates multiple media channels to provide clients with maximum ROI. Brands receive optimum visibility and consumer engagement through our L.A. STYLE Magazine and exclusive L.A. STYLE Luxe Soirées.


L.A. STYLE Magazine

L.A. STYLE Magazine features the rich cultures and luxurious Los Angeles lifestyle. Each issue is filled with fashion-forward editorials and content that is captivating and inspiring. L.A. STYLE is the official go-to source to find insight on leading businesses and emerging products in fashion, luxury living, travel, beauty, and wellness. We provide our advertising partners one of a kind marketing solutions, by reaching their target audience through a combination of print advertisement and exclusive experiential marketing events. L.A. STYLE Magazine reader options include quarterly print issues, online site, and smart-phone applications

L.A. STYLE Experiential Marketing

In addition to L.A. STYLE Magazine print advertising insertions, we offer our clients the opportunity to engage their audience first-hand during our L.A. STYLE Luxe Soirées. Companies experience an exponential consumer impact and an increase in brand awareness. This person-to-person marketing provides companies an opportunity to connect with luxury consumers in a memorable way. Our event marketing opportunities include: branding, giftbag literature and product placement, brand activations, pop-up displays and more.



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